My new websites went live this week, now I need to upgrade critical packages.

Last week I went live with a new WordPress Website. It was built with the latest releases supported by cPanel 88, MySQL 5 and CentOS 7. Now, I will have to do a major upgrade to CentOS 8 and MySQL 8. I have a few years, but it will really depend upon WordPress and Plug-in upgrades. The never ending upgrade cycle.

cPanel just released version 88, which included support for MySQL 8. Support for MySQL 8 has distracted the cPanel team from provding support for CentOS 8.

CentOS 7 will get full support through 8/6/20, with only maintenance security fixes till end-of-life (EOL), EOL is 6/30/24. CentOS 8 was released 9/24/19 and is coming out for cPanel soon. This post to a cPanel forum gives a pre-production release by mid-Q3 (Mid-August), 2020.

MySQL version 5.7,was released in 2015, EOL 2023, will need to upgrade to mySQL 8.0 prior to 2023.

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